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Welcome to BAVARIA!

Welcome to the magnificent city of Munich and to beautiful Bavaria. Throughout the whole duration of your medical treatment or wellness holidays in Munich and its vicinity, MUNICH FIRST INTERNATIONAL will take care of all your concerns. In the run-up to your stay, we’ll prepare the arrangements of your journey, your accommodations, and translation services. Our main purpose, though, is to establish premium contacts in medical care und treatment. By doing so we choose only institutions that not only enjoy the best reputation but also consider your cultural customs.

We’ll see to your appointments and you will be accompanied by translators and treated by physicians that speak your language. Treatments will take place in Germany’s best equipped clinics and surgeries, with the most up-to-date methods.

During your stay, we will help you in establishing business relationships, but we’ll also prepare cultural- and leisure time programmes – all of them according to your wishes and to those of the persons accompanying you.

We are looking forward to welcome you!

Our services:

  • · Medical attendance in cooperation with medical institutions and
     international pyhsicians
  • · Beauty treatment and wellness
  • · Translation-services
  • · Collaboration with your country’s embassy (if desired)
  • · Tourist guide
  • · Shopping companion
  • · Hospitality-services
  • · Sports- and leisure time programmes
  • · Chauffeur-services

Furthermore, please mind our medical and health-treatment partner network.

You will find the addresses to the left of the human body!

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